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Family Law & Inheritance Law

Divorce & Pre-nuptial Agreements

Divorce is never a pleasant undertaking, but regrettably it is sometimes impossible to avoid, and even in today’s “no fault” culture the resulting sense of injustice from the court-ordered reallocation of assets can be devastating.

Pre-nuptial agreements need careful consideration, but you can trust in our expert help and advice to negotiate and draft such agreements.

Settlement negotiations following divorce also require expert handling, in order to extract the maximum amount of benefit. Apart from legal issues, the “soft issues” of human psychology need consideration, and we are expert negotiators in this regard.

Ortíz-Fonseca & Abogados commits to the protection of your interests and will do so in the most discreet and efficient fashion.

Inheritance Law

Whenever you have property abroad, it is essential that you have a valid will that covers the property and meets the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where the property is located. For example, if you have Spanish property, you will need a Spanish will.

Spanish Wills

We strongly recommend you make a Spanish Will, in order to facilitate the distribution of your Spanish assets and avoid time-consuming and expensive legal problems for any heirs of the estate.

Family and succession issues can be complex, but Ortíz-Fonseca & Abogados can help you with difficult decisions and to plan how to structure matters for maximum efficiency.