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Navigating cross-border business law with a personalised approach

As an international law firm specialising in cross-border business and corporate law, Ortiz-Fonseca Legal offers clients legal services focused on Spain, the UK and Latin America. This tailored approach ensures comprehensive support for every project, including new business ventures, immigration, relocation, and family law. Our boutique firm is with you every step of the way.

Bespoke legal solutions across borders

Our network believes in the power of a globalised world. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting clients in the UK, Spain, and Latin America, using our local knowledge and exemplary contacts to ensure seamless solutions to your legal needs.

Meet Claudia Ortíz-Fonseca

As a qualified lawyer in Spain and Colombia and with extensive knowledge of the British legal system, I bring a unique international legal perspective to every client interaction.

My unique legal experience, international education and strong connections enable me to support my clients with corporate and commercial legal expertise, on immigration matters, inheritance proceedings, property transactions and more. 

I pride myself on offering tailored, one-to-one service for both companies and individuals, with the support of my hand-picked team of international lawyers.

Our Practice

At the heart of our multilingual, internationally acclaimed team is a passion for building a more globalised world, connecting businesses and people with opportunities. Our specialist international network of international lawyers is dedicated to providing tailored, efficient solutions for our clients. Together, we build a network of expertise covering the English and Spanish-speaking world, offering guidance across corporate, commercial, immigration law, and more.

Our values


We're committed to delivering timely, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.


Upholding strict confidentiality is at the core of our practice, respecting the trust you place in us


We prioritise being there for you, ensuring our accessibility at every stage.

Multilingual Approach

With proficiency in English and Spanish, we bridge language gaps to serve a global clientele.


Navigating complexities together, we offer unwavering support to ensure your business thrives.