Balancing compassion and expertise

Guiding you through complex family matters, across Spain, Colombia and the UK

We provide solutions to sensitive family legal issues involving overseas situations for Colombians, Spanish, and British individuals. Our expertise bridges borders to support your family’s peace of mind


How we can support you​

We offer professional advice and representation in various aspects of family law:

  • Marriage

We navigate a path through the complexities of international marital laws and regulations.

  • Succession

With us, you can ensure a smooth transition of assets to the right beneficiaries.

  • Divorce

Be assured of compassionate guidance and mitigating injustice during difficult divorce proceedings and asset reallocation.

  • Prenuptial Agreements

We offer expert help and advice to negotiate and draft these crucial documents.

  • Settlement Negotiations

We bring maximum benefit for our client through expert negotiations and nuance of human psychology.

We pledge to protect your interests in a discreet and efficient manner, providing the expert guidance you need during these challenging periods.